How To Rename Multiple Keys In A JavaScript Object

Renaming the keys in a Javascript (or JSON) object can be quite tricky, this is a simple trick to rename all the keys you want.

Renaming Keys

This function will help you rename the keys of an existing object, it is based on the use of Object.keys() in a combination with Array.prototype.reduce(). This function is originally from this website.

const renameKeys = (keysMap, obj) =>
    (acc, key) => ({
        ...{ [keysMap[key] || key]: obj[key] }


Let’s use a basic example and how we can rename it. We have this object with some basic values.

const person = {name: "Joe", gender: "Male", age: 30};

We want to rename name to firstName and age to lifeExperience.

renameKeys({name: "firstName", age: "lifeExperience"}, person);

The new person object will now have updated keys.