Intercepting a Fetch Request
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A stumbled upon a nice script that helped a lot of people to book a train in Sweden, and got interested...
Iterate Over An Array With The Modulo Operator
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The modulo operator is often used to calculate if a value is odd or even, however, it comes to great...
Fetch Multiple Urls at The Same Time
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Fetch multiple URLs at the same time using Promises.all
Get The CSS Value Of A Property In Java Script
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Fetch your CSS values within your JavaScript code
Calculate How Many Days There Are Between Two Dates in JavaScript
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How to calculate the amount of days between two dates in JavaScript.
Check If Two Dates Are The Same Day In JavaScript
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A simple function to check if two date objects are referring to the same day.
Remove Duplicates in a JavaScript Array
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A simple and clean method to remove all duplicates in a given array.
Clear All Node Modules Folders Recursively
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Remove all node_modules folders within a directory with one simple command.
How To Rename Multiple Keys In A JavaScript Object
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Renaming the keys in a Javascript (or JSON) object can be quite tricky, this is a simple trick to rename...