Change from HTTPS to SSH in a Git Repo
2 min read
The default way of cloning and maintaining Git repos for some might be using HTTPS. In case you want to switch to SSH, this is a very short guide on how to do that.
How To Backup a Remote PostgreSQL Database and Run it Locally With Docker
4 min read
You probably access remote databases all the time, however, if you want to work offline it could be cumbersome not to have access to your database. This is a simple method to back it up and run it locally using Docker.
Get Started With Awk in Bash
4 min read
Awk can be very useful when working with text files in Bash. This is a short cheat sheet on some of the commands you'll most often use.
Bash Essentials To Create Useful Automation Scripts
12 min read
Bash syntax is quite complex and can be hard to grasp. This is a guide, or cheat sheet, to give you all the bash functionalities that you need to write useful automation scripts.
How To Setup a Linux (Ubuntu) Server On Hetzner
3 min read
A remote linux server could be very useful. Hetzner provides cheap and reliable servers that are easy to maintain. This is a short guide on how to setup one easily.
Setup a Remote Development Environment with Linux and VS Code
3 min read
Setting up a development environment can be quite tedious. Especially if you want to use it remotely. This is a quick get started guide so you can access your workspace from anywhere, using Ubuntu, VS Code, and SSH.
Replace Text or a String in Bash
3 min read
Sometimes you might need to replace some text in a string - the bash allows you to do so easily. This is a short summary on how you can do that.
How To Allow Remote Access To Your Localhost Apps With Ngrok
2 min read
Hosting your page on localhost is simple, ngrok allows you to share that connection with people outside your computer for free.
Find Files in Directories in Bash
2 min read
Bash provides some great feature for you to find the files you are looking for, this is a simple way to do that.
Full Width Container in Limited Width Parent
2 min read
A simple hack to allow the children of an limited HTML element to be full width.