Replace Text or a String in Bash
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Sometimes you might need to replace some text in a string - the bash allows you to do so easily. This...
How To Allow Remote Access To Your Localhost Apps With Ngrok
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Hosting your page on localhost is simple, ngrok allows you to share that connection with people outside...
Find Files in Directories in Bash
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Full Width Container in Limited Width Parent
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A simple hack to allow the children of an limited HTML element to be full width.
Clean Your Git History With Git Fixup
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The easiest way to clean up your git history by using fixup and autosquash.
Fetch Multiple Urls at The Same Time
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Fetch multiple URLs at the same time using Promises.all
Loop Through Arrays in Bash
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How to loop through arrays in Bash
See if a Package Exists in a Bash Script
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How you can see if a package or commando exists in a Bash script.
Save Output to a Variable in a Bash Script
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Save the output of a command in a Bash script to use it later.
See if You Run a Bash Script in WSL
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This is how you see if you are using WSL within a Bash script.